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Scary Meter Readings?


Energy Costs Rising

Tighten Your


Is your building a "Bad Building" is it a "Sick Building"  - make it a happy building it will save you money.

“Buildings account for one half of all global impacts – Energy, Water and Raw Materials. The design of our buildings is crucial to achieve sustainable development”



2009 Research & Funding project for timber panel system with Napier University (CTE Centre for Timber Engineering)

2009 Hybrid timber frame and concrete floor construction project. (link)

2007 - 2008 (picture of tower) Working at RMJM Ltd Scotland - Primary project Gazprom base buildings in St Petersburg

2006 (picture of boiler) Is your boiler safe? - the boiler pictured here was given a clean bill of health a few months prior to its removal during a refurbishment programme (advice here would be - where using a vertical flue, insulate the flue to reduce the amount of condensate running back down the flue between cycles).

January 2006 Scottish Sustainable Development Forum (SSDF)  http://www.ssdforum.org.uk/

The key objectives for the 2006 Plenary are:
1. To explore and elicit input from SSDF Members in order to develop a clear way forward for the Forum in four keys areas of sustainable development affecting Scotland
2. To enable SSDF members to share information and their individual experiences, with the view to identifying areas of collaboration
3. To afford SSDF members the opportunity to interact with MSPs, and the work by Cross Party Groups and Parliamentary Committees with the view to gaining an insight to how these operate and how the Forum can engage with or assist in some of the areas of work.


Secretariat for the above forum


Energy Saving Trust


Rob Goodburn ARIAS RIBA

Chartered Architect with Post Gradute MSc qualification in:

'Energy Systems & The Environment'


Part B Group Project:
"Sustainable Energy Issues in an Urban Environment"


Practice Statement
Practical and innovative design arising from a contemporary approach to conservation and the environment.

Good quality design is economic and environmental commonsense.